Photos of your product are very important. Make sure that your pictures are alway up te date. You can manage the pictures of your product on this page. At the top of this page you can see which of the photos you still have to edit by clicking ‘to do’. By clicking on the image you can make the photo square.

Square photos

It is not necessary for growers to take new pictures for the use of FloraXchange. We’ve created a tool that changes a normal product photo into a square photo. This tool can be used quickly and easily. The square picture will be displayed next to the normal photos. These pictures will be offered to interested exporters. Do you want to know more about square photos? Visit this page

Add photos

You are required to add a product photo to your offer. If you do not add a photo, it is not possible to add offer. We will recommend to add more types of pictures, so exporters can take a closer look to your products as well.

Merel Prins

Written by Merel Prins

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